Praise for David Keplinger's poetry:

“Imagine The Inferno reconfigured as a cross between one of Joseph Cornell’s boxes and a Rube Goldberg drawing: an infernal machine designed to produce the uncomfortable pleasures of wit’s disjunctions, gallows humor, wry nostalgias. And imagine that the guide’s voice has not yet outgrown or outworn the point of view, precocious and remarkably well read and almost always surprising, of a stranger in a stranger adult land whose consequences and mortalities can just be held at a distance, sympathetic or amused, as Dante’s mortal vision keeps the damned in their place…What’s consistent is the sustained invention of a tinkerer who takes his materials (so many of them fragile, easily discarded or mislaid) to heart even as he finds his humor, his consolation in the spirited play of their arrangements.”

-The Antioch Review